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Absolute Print Solutions was born in 2018 from our love of toner cartridges. We spent many years perfecting the art of the perfect toner, visiting factories in Europe and China, seeing how things were done.

We found some great partners and started building an amazing product. In 2017, we spent time developing our own brand “TonerCare”, and offered it out as a trial to a couple of resellers. The products success rate soared, some big contracts were won due to the top quality and highly competitive price, TonerCare was soon used in NHS trusts up and down the UK. Shortly after, we made these products available to all resellers.

About Absolute Print Solutions

We Are The Leader in Print Products

Along with our own brand TonerCare, we understood the value of an unbranded product, so decided to import one brand, that brand being a strong product with extremely low failure rates has also been a success to the UK reseller market.


In December 2019 we were made aware of a virus in China that may impact or importing of toner cartridges. We took a gamble and started sourcing disposable face masks, hand sanitisers, and other PPE, in order to be able to offer products by March 2020. As lockdowns started and Covid 19 took hold, we had stock of some products and more on the way.

By May 2020 we started supplying resellers with all types of PPE products. The sole aim was making sure we had customers left after this had all finished so we became one of very few UK distributors of PPE that did not have any minimum order quantities. We just copied our already very successful business plan.

This leads us to 2022. We have a strong team from different back grounds, some toners and inks, some PPE and our ever committed warehouse staff who have worked tirelessly though the Pandemic to help grow our business exponentially, and to help keep everyone safe.